Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research (SSBTR)

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Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research


Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research was founded in 2002 after founder Steve Glassman learned of the subject from a friend of his from his home state of Massachusetts who had become involved with the Brain Tumor Society.

Glassman, who is a student government advisor at Pinnacle Peak High School, had been looking for something that would get his students to become more civic-minded,. “It’s a great cause,” he says. “It gets the students involved in community service and it raises money to stop students from dying.”

Most of the funding raised by SSBTR is generated during its annual walkathon to raise money for brain-tumor research.

In 2007, SSBTR funds established a fellowship in Barrow's Neuro-Oncology Lab. NAU graduate Julie Mackey was awarded the fellowship for 2007-08. The fellowship provides Mackey a $24,000 stipend plus benefits to work under the supervision of lab director Dr. Adrianne Scheck.

Students from elementary schools, high schools, and universities across the state and nation participate in the annual fundraiser, which has raised more than $1 million for brain-tumor research.


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