Barrow Beyond
Supporting the mission of Barrow
through philanthropy

Barrow Beyond presents a check in support of Alzheimer's research.
Barrow Beyond is an exclusive group of individuals and couples who support the mission of Barrow Neurological Institute through philanthropy, leadership and service. Members share a love of learning, commitment to the community and belief in the importance of medical advancement.

Barrow Beyond offers many opportunities to become involved at Barrow Neurological Institute, a world leader in brain and spine care, medical education and translational research. At events held throughout the year, members hear from leading Barrow doctors and researchers about the pioneering work going on at the institute, while networking with like-minded people from throughout the community.

What we do 

Barrow Beyond members view a live surgery in 3D.Barrow Beyond sponsors educational, social events and tours throughout the year—some held at Barrow Neurological Institute and others in private homes. All of our events feature top neurosurgeons, neurologists and scientists from Barrow Neurological Institute discussing a wide range of topics. Members get an insiders’ look into the innovative research, patient care and medical education at the institute. They learn about neurological diseases, tour new facilities before they are open to the public, even watch brain surgery. They come away with a greater understanding of the art and science of this fascinating area of medicine.Outdoor photo of a Barrow Beyond Cocktail party.

Our investment in Barrow Neurological Institute

Each Barrow Beyond individual or couple makes an annual gift of at least $1,000 to Barrow Neurological Foundation. Funds are directed to several new programs each year. The investments of Barrow Beyond are helping secure a strong future for Barrow Neurological Institute.

Please join us for the 2017-2018 membership kickoff on November 16 and meet new Barrow President and CEO Dr. Michael Lawton. View more information.


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How It All Started

Four women, Barrow Beyond founders, sit on some stairs outdoors.

Couples come together to engage the next generation of donor.

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