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Barrow Neurological Institute is an internationally recognized leader in neurological research and patient care, treating  a wide range of neurological conditions, including brain and spinal tumors, cerebrovascular conditions, and neuromuscular disorders. Barrow's doctors and researchers are devoted to providing excellent patient care and finding better ways to treat neurological disorders.

Generous donor support provides the important funding needed for the programs and services that make amazing patient success stories like these, and so many others, possible. Please visit our Barrow magazine archives for additional stories.

Micah Andrews received amazing, life-saving care at Barrow.Micah Andrews

Micah suffered an almost universally fatal spine injury known as internal decapitation when he was just two years old. It was as bad as it sounds. This year he celebrated his 7th birthday with cake and high fives all around for the medical team at Barrow Neurological Institute that saved his life. Your generous donation helps Barrow make medical breakthroughs and discover lifesaving technologies.

Jackson Parker, Barrow patient.Jackson Parker

While most kindergarteners were enjoying their time off from school in March 2013, Jackson Parker faced two unexpected brain surgeries in the span of a week. Learn how Barrow's Dr. Robert Spetzler helped change the course of Jackson's life and how his family showed their gratitude. 


Amanda Ippel, Barrow patient, with her son, Ezekiel.Amanda Ippell

Amanda Ippel and her husband Benjamin were enjoying a quiet evening at home on May 20, 2012, observing the lunar eclipse. The kids were in bed and Amanda, 13 weeks pregnant with her fifth child, was winding down for the night when suddenly and without warning an intense pain changed everything.


Rashaad Gregory

A serious car accident internally decapitated Army specialist Rashaad Gregory, 19, in the summer of 2013. While most people die from this type of injury, and a scant number of victims survive as quadriplegics on life support, Gregory was able to leave the hospital with the assistance of a walker in just four months. 


Chris Murto and his family.Anthony Boldt and Chris Murto

On the surface, Anthony Boldt and Chris Murto don’t appear to have much in common—the former is an 18-year-old baseball player, while the latter is a 29-year-old computer programming hopeful. But not only have the two Arizona men both suffered from debilitating seizures, they have also seen their seizure activity come to an abrupt halt after undergoing a remarkable procedure at Barrow.


Guadalupe Castillo and her family.Guadalupe Castillo

Guadalupe Castillo was pregnant with her third baby when her arm began to ache and she began to limp. Carpal tunnel syndrome, her obstetrician said about the arm. Arthritis, another doctor said about the legs. Both should resolve after she gave birth, they told her. But months after baby Veronica was born, the problems hadn’t gone away. In fact, they had gotten worse.  


Nathanael Price with his Barrow doctors.Nathanael Price

Neurosurgeons at Barrow Neurological Institute successfully removed a deadly brain lesion from a 17-year-old Tennessee boy after his family was told by multiple physicians that his malformation was too risky to completely remove. 



Barrow patient Ian Yates with a skateboard.Ian Yates

Ian Yates, 7, had bumped his head horsing around with a cousin. A few weeks later, he started seeing double, vomiting and staggering when he walked. He told his parents his head hurt like it was going to explode. A visit to the ER resulted in the discovery of a rogue mass of blood vessels in Yates' brain that had begun bleeding.



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