Barrow UK Chairs

Barrow UK has funded three endowed chairs at Barrow Neurological Institute:

George Prigatano, PhDThe Newsome Chair of Neuropsychology, held by George Prigatano, PhD, chair of the Section of Clinical Neuropsychology at Barrow. The chair enables Dr. Prigatano to conduct research into the impact of brain injury on psychological functioning and ways to improve care for patients. Dr. Prigatano has written several books, developed evaluation tools, and presented professional lectures about brain injury and rehabilitation. At Barrow, he guided the development of the Center for Transitional NeuroRehabilitation for patients recovering from brain injuries and illnesses. He is past president of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and won the Academy’s Distinguished Neuropsychologist Award in 2001. 


Paul Preul, MDThe Newsome Chair in Neurosurgery Research, held by Mark Preul, MD, director of Neurosurgery Research at Barrow. The chair supports Dr. Preul’s efforts in conducting academic and technological research. Dr. Preul heads a multifaceted, world-class translational laboratory where the next generation of technology for neurosurgery, neuroscience, and other medical disciplines are planned, tested, and positioned to help patients. Focuses of the department are new forms of imaging for brain tumors used in the operating room during surgery to improve brain tumor resection, novel engineered biomaterials for use in spinal cord injury and neuroendovascular surgery, modeling the growth of brain tumors using advanced mathematical techniques, microtechnology stimulators and implants that will change the way the brain behaves. The lab has a reputation for attracting research fellows from all over the world.


David Treiman, MDThe Newsome Chair in Epileptology, held by David M. Treiman, MD, the director of the Epilepsy Center at Barrow. The chair supports Dr. Treiman’s research into status epilepticus (SE), the most serious type of seizure activity. During SE, the patient has one seizure after another without fully recovering between them. About 150,000 people in the United States have an episode of SE each year, and more than 25 percent do not survive. Dr. Treiman’s clinical and basic laboratory research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of SE and developing improved treatments for the condition. Before joining Barrow in 2001, Dr. Treiman was the Professor of Neurology at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

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