Help Barrow Improve Quality of Life for Those Suffering Back Pain

Help Barrow Improve Quality of Life for Those Suffering Back Pain

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Barrow Neurological Institute performs more neurosurgeries than any institution in the country. Patients travel from far-away places seeking the expertise of Barrow neurosurgeons. Fortunately, Stephen Brown didn’t have far to go.

Brown is the Emeritus Edward M. Carson Chair and Professor of Marketing at Arizona State University. He was active; hiking, playing pickleball, going to the gym, and consulting with businesses and non-profits. Over the years he noticed more back pain. Brown had been encouraged to avoid surgery but he wanted a solution.

“I tried physical therapy, epidural injections, and less-invasive radiofrequency ablation,” says Brown. “Each time the relief was temporary so I did my research.”

He poured over the internet searching for a neurosurgeon. He found Jay Turner, MD, a neurosurgeon at Barrow specializing in spine disorders. He dug a little deeper and discovered Dr. Turner was conducting innovative research involving minimally invasive surgery, pain relief following surgery, and effective training models for spine surgery.

“I vetted Dr. Turner and I picked him,” says Brown.

There were areas of concern up and down Brown’s spine but Dr. Turner determined the best chance of resolving the pain was a spinal fusion in Brown’s lower back. The minimally invasive surgery was a success. Brown was in the hospital for two nights and walking the halls before he was discharged.

“My legs don’t hurt, my lower back is much better,” says Brown, emotionally he added, “I am back to hiking and walking longer distances. Every experience feels richer when you’re not in pain.”

Brown is enjoying every moment spent with family and friends. He is also working on another book and some other projects with an enthusiasm renewed by the success of his surgery.

Join Stephen in supporting Sonntag Spine Center, which provides unsurpassed patient care using the latest technology and surgical techniques. Barrow spine surgeons also investigate more effective, less-invasive solutions for spine conditions.  Improve the lives of people like Stephen today. Donate today.

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