Meghan McCain’s Birthday Wish: Support Barrow

Your Impact

Meghan McCain, host of The View, invited her friends, family, and fans to donate to Barrow Neurological Foundation to support brain cancer research in honor of her birthday.

Hundreds of fans responded, and we received nearly $25,000 in donations to support brain tumor research. That amount was doubled through a match, which means that the Ivy Brain Tumor Center at Barrow Neurological Institute received $50,000 to further our research to defeat glioblastoma!

The Ivy Brain Tumor Center is home to the largest Phase 0 clinical trials program in the world. Ivy Phase 0 clinical trials allow patients to receive individualized treatment in a fraction of the time and costs associated with traditional drug research and development. Thank you to Meghan McCain for shining a bright spotlight on the powerful work being done at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center.