Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center

The Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center is one of the busiest brain tumor centers in the country. Our team of clinical and scientific experts combine cutting-edge research and treatment options to benefit both physicians and their patients. The center is designed to stimulate scientific discovery, improve interdisciplinary collaboration, and serve as a national center for brain tumor clinical trials.

The Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center takes advantage of Barrow’s expertise in imaging, surgery, research, and stem-cell science to pursue breakthroughs in the field of neuro-oncology.

Hear what Nader Sanai, director of BBTRC, says about the center:


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It is a sad fact that the life expectancy of adults diagnosed with a glioma, the most serious type of brain tumor, has remained virtually unchanged since the 1970s. Barrow is in a unique position—given the number of brain tumor patients we see, our broad range of cancer experts, and our current leadership in this area—to make scientific discoveries in the lab that can be quickly applied to patient care.

The Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center seeks to advance brain tumor patient therapies by developing new avenues of creative clinical and research collaboration, introducing a rapid-sequence clinical trials program, and amplifying Barrow’s participation in the national and international brain tumor community. For patients and their providers, this equates to new treatment options and new hope for these deadly diseases.

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Ray Thurston, donor to the Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center.

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