Thank A Caregiver

Thank A Caregiver

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The world’s leading brain and spine experts at Barrow Neurological Institute accept the challenge of helping patients that others couldn’t – or wouldn’t – giving them hope and saving their lives. Thank a caregiver who has made a difference in your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Your support of Barrow strengthens and builds the programs that patients depend on when they are facing the worst in life – patients like Kim Mantle, a young mother of three who was faced with a life-threatening cavernous malformation above her brain stem. Barrow President and CEO Michael T. Lawton, MD, performed her life-saving surgery.

Has your life been impacted by the world-class team of doctors, nurses, or therapists at Barrow? As a grateful patient, take time to thank a caregiver today with a gift of gratitude.

With your donation, grateful patients like you can let your Barrow doctor, nurse, or therapist know how much it means to you that they are providing life-saving and life-changing care. 100 percent of all donations benefit expert patient care, curative scientific research, world-class medical education, and compassionate outreach at Barrow Neurological Institute. You can even designate the area that you wish to support.

With your donation, you can also express your heartfelt gratitude in a personal note which will be shared directly with the Barrow team. Show your gratitude to the Barrow doctors, nurses, or therapists who have changed and saved your life. Thank a caregiver today!