A commitment to end migraine suffering

A commitment to end migraine suffering

Your Impact

Jan Lewis is a migraine sufferer and has been receiving treatments from Kerry Knievel, DO, at Barrow Neurological Institute since 2012.

Thanks to Dr. Knievel’s comprehensive approach to migraine prevention and treatment—including medication, Botox injections, infusions and migraine trigger identification—Jan is now able to wake up in the morning pain free. She is able to travel and play with her grandkids.

Because of the impact Barrow has had on Jan’s life, in 2017, the T.W. Lewis Foundation founded by Jan and her husband Tom Lewis, gifted $2 million to Barrow to establish the Jan & Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program. The transformational gift created a program that will offer multidisciplinary patient care options and lead research and clinical trials to improve treatments and find cures for migraines and headache disorders.

“T.W. Lewis Foundation is all about partnering with outstanding organizations that are trying to improve and pushing the boundaries of their field,” says Tom Lewis.

“We believe in supporting projects that are going to make a real difference. That’s exactly what Barrow does, and what this migraine program will do for many future migraine patients in Arizona.”

Hope for migraine sufferers

Because of the Lewises’ generous gift, a team of neurologists and scientists, led by Dr. Knievel, are now in the preliminary stages of collecting data that is crucial in developing the future tests, research and grant applications that are necessary to grow and develop a world-class migraine care and research program, offering hope to millions of migraine sufferers. Once the Jan and Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program is fully established, Dr. Knievel and her team will be able to increase the number of patients they care for annually by 20 percent.

The Jan & Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program provides hope for patients suffering from migraine and headache

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