Leadership endowment to maintain Barrow’s world-class care

Endowments provide stability in an unstable world. Through the years, many generous benefactors have stepped forward to endow programs and chairs, providing Barrow Neurological Institute a steady stream of income for academic and research priority areas. Without these endowments, the Institute would have to rely on patient revenue and grant funds to cover research and academic expenses—an increasingly difficult proposition in today’s challenging economic times.

It was an endowed chair that helped recruit Barrow director Robert F. Spetzler, MD. Many other rising stars at Barrow have joined the Institute, in part, because of endowed chairs. Endowed chairs generate annual income, allowing the physicians and scientists who hold them to pursue research and academic interests.

Equally important is the fact that endowed chairs are awarded only to the top individuals in a field, thus symbolizing the high degree of competency of these individuals in their specialty.

Continued investments in endowed chairs will strengthen Barrow’s ability to recruit and retain top brain specialists and scientists—who, in turn, bring new research projects into our community, creating jobs, enhancing the local economy and improving healthcare here and beyond.


Robert F. Spetzler, MD

Dr. Spetzler in surgery at Barrow.

An endowed chair helped to recruit Barrow's world-renowned director. 

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ALS Researcher Honored

Dr. Bowser of Barrow Neurological Institute.

Robert Bowser, PhD, a nationally recognized ALS researcher, holds the John and Betty Van Denburgh Chair of Neuromuscular Disease. 

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