Memorial Gifts
Honor the life and memory of someone special

A memorial gift is a thoughtful and meaningful way to honor the life and memory of a beloved relative or loved one while also contributing to the mission of healing at Barrow Neurological Institute. Some families choose to establish a memorial at Barrow Neurological Foundation in honor of their deceased loved one. Then, friends and relatives can donate to the memorial, creating a lasting legacy in memory of the departed.

The following individuals are honored in our memorial program. We thank the families who have chosen to support Barrow in memory of their loved one: 

Judy Ann Anderson
Marilyn Bailey
Jane M. Bowling
Karl Norman Detwiler
Richard Alan Fitzwater
Evelyn Grubb
Lou Grubb
Gary Hewson
John Cuprak
John Joseph Mozzicato
Dr. Marwan Maalouf and Dr. Benjamin Seltzer
Robert and Helen Novascone
Ray H. Rodey, III

You can designate your gift to support a particular area of the hospital or leave it unrestricted so that it can be used where the need is greatest. A letter announcing your gift—without mentioning the amount—will be sent to the family of the person you are honoring.

Memorial gifts can be made online, over the telephone, or by mailing a check or credit card information to Barrow Neurological Foundation. Please make checks payable to Barrow Neurological Foundation, note on your check the name of the person you are honoring, and mail to:

Barrow Neurological Foundation
350 W. Thomas Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85013

If you would like to establish a memorial in honor of a friend or loved one, or for more information about making a memorial gift or establishing a memorial, please contact Barrow Neurological Foundation at 602-406-3041.


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