Neuroscience Research

Dr. Spetzler in surgery.
Research drives innovation at Barrow Neurological Institute. Scientists and physicians at Barrow collaborate on translational research that improves care for patients with a wide range of brain and spine problems. Yet, funding for research nationwide is declining, making it increasingly difficult for organizations like Barrow to sustain a robust program of biomedical research. In addition, with funding for new ideas particularly difficult to obtain, seed money for fresh research concepts is critically important to Barrow.

Innovative clinical and laboratory-based research at Barrow is expanding our knowledge of the brain and spinal cord and developing new techniques for better patient outcomes. As a result, Barrow is recognized internationally as a leader in neuroscience research. Barrow research statistics illustrate the depth of the program:

  • 2,005 active, human-subject research protocols
  • 205 research laboratories
  • 150+ staff members dedicated to laboratory and clinical research and support
  • 43,000 square feet of laboratory and support space
  • $12M+ extramural funding for research, including state and federal funding.

Researchers at Barrow are working to understand how the central nervous system works; what causes brain and spine disorders and how they can be prevented, treated and cured; and how diagnostic and surgical tools can be improved for better patient outcomes. Scientists focus on a wide range of disorders from Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease to brain tumors, cerebrovascular disease and spine disorders. They also define how and why genetic, electrical or chemical abnormalities, implicated in just about any neurological or psychiatric disease, adversely affect brain function. In addition, Barrow scientists collaborate with a variety of academic partners and industry leaders to develop new methods and devices used in diagnosing and treating patients.

Funding needs

Gifts from benefactors are vitally important to the future of research at Barrow Neurological Institute. Gifts  can be directed to specific research of interest to the donor or left unrestricted to benefit the area of research in greatest need or of potentially greatest impact.

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