Nurse Education

Nursing student at Barrow.
While doctors receive much of the attention for the successes of patients at Barrow Neurological Institute, another group of staff members is just as important to these outcomes—nurses. Barrow has the country’s largest number of nurses—more than 100—with Neuroscience Nursing Certification from the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses. The extra training and knowledge required to obtain the certification ensure that nurses at Barrow can provide the specialized care their patients need. Maintaining and expanding this pool of highly-qualified nurses is critically important to the future of Barrow Neurological Institute. As more contributions are made to Barrow in support of nurse education, more nurses can receive advanced training

Barrow Neurological Institute encourages its nurses to continually advance in their professions through several special programs:

  • The Advanced Practice Nursing Team is a group of 10 Barrow nurses with advanced degrees, including nine master’s degrees in neuroscience nursing and one doctorate in nursing practice. These nurses incorporate the latest research, including their own, into bedside practice, continually improving the care patients and their families receive. They make sure Barrow nurses remain current with the latest practices, educating them in new techniques and imparting new information as it is proven effective.
  • Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurses currently number 100 at Barrow, more than at any other center in the country. The certification requires completing 20 to 30 hours of education and passing a national exam. Barrow offers classes to prepare nurses for the CNRN exam so that nurses at the institute have proficiency in the field of neuroscience. Nurses must have two years of experience before attempting the exam. The additional training, taught over 12 weeks, goes into far greater depth than traditional nursing schools.
  • The Women’s Board Neuroscience Nursing Fund awards scholarships each year to Barrow nurses who want to pursue advanced training. Since 2005, the Women’s Board has given $2,500 scholarships to at least three nurses each year. In addition, the Women’s Board pays for 10-20 nurses to attend the annual conventions of professional nursing organizations.

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