Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research

A group of students stand together at the 2013 SSBTR walk-a-thon.
Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research (SSBTR), the largest student-run organization in Arizona, was founded in 2001. Each year, students in Arizona plan an annual walk-a-thon, along with other fundraising events, and donate the money raised to support research at various local and national organizations, including Barrow, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Translational Genomics Research Institute, Steele Children's Research Center and the National Brain Tumor Society. The group has raised nearly $2 million since beginning the walk-a-thon.

Barrow Neurological Foundation is one of the major beneficiaries of this organization. Barrow uses 100 percent of the money donated from SSBTR for bench (laboratory) research and translational (spanning the lab to the clinic) research, all designed to determine both the cause of and a cure for brain tumors. This work is done in the Neuro-Oncology Research Laboratory at Barrow, specifically in the lab of Adrienne Scheck, Ph.D., where the goal is to understand the underlying genetic mechanisms that enable some brain tumors to survive cancer therapy. This laboratory is defining the genes responsible for resistance to currently available therapies, including chemotherapy and radiation.

This year's event is scheduled for Feb. 27, 2015. For information about upcoming events and how to get involved, please visit


SSBTR in Surgery

SSBTR students view live brain surgery in 2014.

Each year students visit Barrow to see what their fundraising efforts are helping to make possible. 

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A Look Back

A group of students at the 2013 SSBTR walk-a-thon.

Great students, attendance and weather team up to make the walk-a-thon 2014 an amazing event.



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