Caring Heart
Thank a special caregiver with this thoughtful tribute gift

The Caring Heart tribute gift offers you the opportunity to thank a doctor, nurse, other healthcare professional—or even an entire hospital department—for exceptional care, while also supporting the hospital’s mission of healing.

Your gift can benefit a program or area of special significance to you, or you can make an unrestricted gift so that your contribution can be used where the need is greatest. We will notify your honoree of the Caring Heart you have bestowed and of the gift you have made to Barrow Neurological Foundation in his or her honor, without mentioning the amount.

We encourage you to write a few words to your honoree, explaining your reasons for giving a Caring Heart. Help us recognize and reward the true caring hearts at Barrow Neurological Institute!

Caring Heart tribute gifts can be made online, over the telephone, or by mailing a check or credit card information to Barrow Neurological Foundation. Please make checks payable to Barrow Neurological Foundation, note on your check the name of the person you are honoring, and mail to: 

Barrow Neurological Foundation
350 W. Thomas Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85013

For more information about giving a Caring Heart, please contact Barrow Neurological Foundation at 602-406-3041.


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