Meet Dr. Ponce

Francisco Ponce, MD, BCN director.Francisco A. Ponce, MD, is the director of the Barrow Center for Neuromodulation. Originally from Sunnyvale, California, Dr. Ponce completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard University, where he majored in physics. He then pursued graduate work in materials science at the University of Oxford and earned his medical degree from the University of Chicago in 2004. During his residency, he obtained specialty training in functional neurosurgery at the University of Toronto with Dr. Andres Lozano. He completed a fellowship at Barrow Neurological Institute in 2011. Dr. Ponce and his wife, Adele, who is an attorney, have two boys. 

Dr. Ponce is excited about the future of neuromodulation. “The advances being made in neuromodulation will offer hope to hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide.”


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