BBTRC Director Nader Sanai

Dr. Nader Sanai in his lab at Barrow.Nader Sanai, MD, joined Barrow in 2010 as director of neurosurgical oncology. As Barrow’s director of neurosurgical oncology, Dr. Sanai’s main clinical interests are surgical and radiosurgical treatment of primary and metastatic brain tumors, as well as complex tumors of the skull base. He has extensive expertise in intraoperative mapping of the brain to preserve motor and language function during tumor removal.

Dr. Sanai also serves as director of the Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center (BBTRC) and directs the laboratory for stem cell neuro-oncology, one of five independent brain tumor laboratories within the BBTRC.

A native of Iran, Dr. Sanai grew up in California. He did his undergraduate studies at the University of California San Diego and attended the UC San Francisco School of Medicine. In 2009, Dr. Sanai completed a fellowship in skull-base surgery with Barrow’s Robert Spetzler, MD.


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