The Davis Family

ChristinaThe answer to the annual Davis family question - Who should we give to this Christmas? - was a no-brainer in 2007. Paul and Shirley Davis and their eight children chose Barrow Neurological Foundation because of the care that daughter Christina (pictured in white) received for a subarachnoid hemorrhage, bleeding in the brain that can lead to severe disability or even death.

Christina’s medical emergency began with a headache that got progressively worse. When she became disoriented and began vomiting, her friends called 911.

At the hospital, doctors first thought Christina was intoxicated, but a CT revealed bleeding in her brain, and she was transferred to Barrow. There, the neurosurgery team put Christina into a medically induced coma and drained the hemorrhaged blood from her brain.

The medical crisis—the first faced by Christina, her seven brothers and sisters, mother and father—left the Valley clan shaken but grateful.

“To be just minutes away from Barrow,” Christina says. “Thank God we live so close to that amazing hospital and have Dr. Spetzler. He’s the greatest!”

Paul and Shirley are the founders of Davis Enterprises, a real estate development and management company. The family has been making an annual gift to charity for many years. "We've received the gift of success, and we should return it," says Paul. 

Since then, the Davis family has made several major gifts to Barrow. Jenifer Davis Lunt is a member of the St. Joseph's Board of Directors.

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