Why giving matters at Barrow.

Why Giving Matters

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a tangible difference at Barrow Neurological Foundation.  Gifts from donors are funding programs and services that improve research, education and patient care. As a result, Barrow Neurological Institute is able to provide life-saving services to adults and children from throughout the world.

No two Barrow donors are exactly alike. They come in different ages, from different parts of the country and from a variety of economic backgrounds. Some are patients, some have had a family member or friend who received exceptional care at Barrow, and some are community members contributing to ensure exceptional care is available in their neighborhood. 

But they each have one thing in common: Benefactors keep Barrow at the leading edge of neuroscience. To learn how you can join them, contact us today.

Friends of Mercy

Meet some of the amazing patients of St. Joseph's Hospital and its Barrow Neurological Institute. Gifts from donors like you help to make these incredible stories possible! Watch the video. 

Meet Our Major Donors

It was through the generosity of Charles Barrow that Barrow opened in 1962. And it is through ongoing support from major donors that it has continued to grow into a world-renowned neurological institution. Meet the major donors of Barrow Neurological Foundation.

Giving Back

Learn about the interesting and inventive ways donors have come up with to support the institute. Because grateful Barrow patients often become amazing Barrow donors, many of these individuals were treated at Barrow or were very close to someone who was.

Healing Support

Read incredible stories of patients treated at Barrow. Donor support helps fund the programs and services that make amazing stories like these possible.


Spotlight on:
Patricia Goldman

Barrow donor Patricia Goldman.

Her ties to Barrow stretch back more than 40 years. "It is one of the most important things in my life."


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