Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees


Barrow Neurological Foundation is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees, a group of business and community leaders from organizations of all sizes in diverse industries. The Board guides the Foundation staff in completing its mission to provide philanthropic support for research, patient care and medical education at Barrow Neurological Institute.

Current members include:


Michael Haenel

David Rauch

William A. Langer, Jr.

Jim Swanson


Ron Butler
Katie Cobb
Richard “Todd” Davis
Dan Dillon, Jr.
Booker T. Evans, Jr.
Ira A. Fulton
Tomas Gorny
Dan L. Grubb
Glenn Hamer
Michael Hecomovich
Mal Jozoff
Karen S. King-Brooks
Robert Lavinia
Michael T. Lawton, MD
Robyn Lee
Stephen Lenn
Mike Lovell
Larry Mayhew
W. Kent McClelland
Karen C. McConnell
William R. Metzler
Shannon Mishkin
Cheryl Najafi
Mitchell Pierce
Shoshana B. Tancer
Stacy Tucker
David Van Denburgh
Robert Wayland Uhl
Patty White
Jerry D. Worsham, II