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In 2012, five Phoenix women – Shannon Mishkin, Sharon Pollack, Lisa Geyser, Debbie Shafron and Mara Kotansky – wanted to give back to Barrow Neurological Institute after their lives had all been changed by Barrow’s world-class physicians and scientists. Shannon spearheaded the formation of Barrow Beyond, a group of ambassadors that would engage young professionals and community influencers to support Barrow Neurological Institute.

In their first year, they recruited 50 Barrow Beyond founding members. Initial funds supported brain tumor research. In recent years, the group expanded to more than 100 members, supporting ongoing Barrow projects like Alzheimer’s disease research and the Barrow Emergency Stroke Treatment Unit.

Join Barrow Beyond today to support research and innovative care initiatives at Barrow. Annual membership dues are $1,000 for individuals and $1,500 for couples. Your philanthropic gift truly makes a difference in patients’ lives and provides hope for those suffering from devastating neurological diseases.

The benefits of joining Barrow Beyond

Barrow Beyond members share a love for learning, are committed to the community and believe in the importance of medical advancement. Begin building your legacy, give back and meet new friends. The benefits of joining Barrow Beyond include:

Educational Opportunities

  • An insider’s look at the innovative research, patient care and education taking place for diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, stroke, migraine, concussion and more.
  • An exclusive behind the scenes tour to hear directly from physicians and researchers at one of the world’s most innovative brain and spine centers.
  • The opportunity to view live surgeries at our high-tech teleconference auditorium.

Social Events

  • An exclusive opportunity to attend the spring Barrow Genius Bar. The event exposes people to some of the world’s leading specialists in a variety of neurological fields.
  • An invitation to a fall membership cocktail party, allowing members to network with like-minded professionals.
  • Invitations to other foundation events.


  • Receive updates about news at Barrow via newsletters to keep you appraised of the latest Barrow breakthroughs.

Philanthropy, Leadership and Beyond

Barrow Beyond members make a difference by supporting the mission of Barrow Neurological Institute. All funds raised are directed to the Barrow patient care or research program selected by members annually.

Barrow Beyond members are helping change the face of health care in Arizona – and making an impact worldwide.

Congratulations to the 2019 Barrow Beyond Members

Mr. George Abrams  *  Mr. Gary Abromotvitz  *  Mr. Orin Anderson *  Mr. Douglas Barkdull *  Mr. Dave Baum *  Ms. Julie Bowe  *  Mr. and Mrs. Jon Brovitz  *  Ms. Carol Brown  *  Mr. Benedikt Brueckle  *  Mrs. Ann Bull  *  Dr. Robert Bullington, Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia Bullington  *  Ms. Cathy Caris  *  Dr. and Mrs. Steve Charney  *  Dr. and Mrs. Culley Christensen  *  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cohn  *  Ms. Kay Collier  *  Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Constantinou  *  Mr. and Mrs. John Cunningham  *  Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Czerwinski  *  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeMark, Jr.   *  Mr. and Mrs. Russ Dickey   *  Mr. and Mrs. Keith Earnest  *  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Evans  *  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Forster  *  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Geyser  *  Mr. and Mrs. Bonsal Glascock  *  Mr. and Mrs. Gene Goldberg   *  Mr. Lance Goldberg  *  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goldberg  *  Mr. and Mrs. Luis Gonzalez  *  Mr. and Mrs. John Graham  *  Mr. Bradley Grossman   *  Mr. Jerry Grossman  *  Mr. and Mrs. Russell Grossman *  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Grossman   *  Dr. David Hecht  *  Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hornacek   *  Mr. and Mrs. Erik Humphrey  *  Mr. and Mrs. Steve Johnson  *  Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson   *  Ms. Ruthellen Kaiser  *  Ms. Deborah Kimes  *  Mr. Bernard Lishinsky   *  Mr. and Mrs. Trent Longnecker  *  Mrs. Sherry Lund  *  Ms. Rachel Lund-Schemitsch  *  Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mayhew  *  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McCain  *  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Messinger  *  Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mishkin  *  Mr. and Mrs. David Moser  *  Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mueller  *  Mr. and Mrs. Nate Nathan  *  Mrs. Desirae Outcalt   *  Mr. Fred Pakis  *  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Perkins  *  Ms. Sharon Pollack  *  Mrs. Laurel and Mrs. Christina Portie  *  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rhodes  *  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rich  *  Mr. Richard Sald  *  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sands  *  Mr. John Scott  *  Dr. and Mrs. David Shafron  *  Dr. William Silverstein  *  Mr. Steven Stern  *  Ms. Heidi Teets  *  Ms. Karen Thorn  *  Mr. and Mrs. Don Tucker  *  Mr. Jay Hoselton and Mrs. Jo Watson  *  Ms. Connie Wilhelm  *  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williamson  *  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zuieback