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The Women's Board of Barrow Neurological Foundation

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The Women’s Board of Barrow Neurological Foundation raises funds for research conducted at Barrow Neurological Institute.

Established in 1965, the Women’s Board has raised over $93 million for Barrow Neurological Institute through its annual gala, the Barrow Grand Ball. This past year, the 2022 Barrow Grand Ball once again set a record, raising $10.4 million to fund innovative research at Barrow.

The Women’s Board also hosts an annual Education Enrichment Evening. During this event, donors and members of the community have the opportunity to hear directly from doctors and researchers and learn about the vital, cutting-edge research happening every day at Barrow Neurological Institute.

The 2022-2023 Chair of the Women’s Board is Diane Might, with Amy Cohn and Erin Gogolak serving as the 2023 Barrow Grand Ball Co-Chairs. The 2023 Barrow Grand Ball is scheduled to be held on Saturday, January 21, 2023.

For more information on supporting the Women’s Board, please call (480) 562-6444 or email

2022-2023 Women’s Board Officers:

Diane Might

Jan Cacheris

Recording Secretary
Andrea Katsenes-Pappas

Corresponding Secretary
Judy Hewson

Carrie Hulburd

Immediate Past Chairman
Carrie Hall

Yearbook Chairman
Carrie Hall

Finance Chairman
Dionne Najafi

Membership Chairman
Jean Spangler

Nominating Chairman
Penny Gunning

2023 Grand Ball Co-Chairman
Amy Cohn

2023 Grand Ball Co-Chairman
Erin Gogolak

Full Women’s Board Membership:

Kathleen O. Barrow
Catherine Bentley
Shaun Bracken
Prue Brito
Christy Burton
Jan Cacheris
Martha “Muffie” Churchill
Amy Cohn
Pamela Cracchiolo
Robyn DeBell
Ann Denk
Jacquie Dorrance
Judy Shannon Edens
Jane Edmunds
Stevie Eller
Nancy Hanley Eriksson
Ardie Evans
Amy Flood
Sydney Fox
Nita Francis
Shan Francis
Harriet Friedland
Nancy Gaintner
Dyan Getz
Sandy Getz
Erin Gogolak
Penny Gunning
Carrie Hall
Nancy Hanley Eriksson
Marilyn W. Harris
Sandy Hecomovich
Barbara Henward
Judy Hewson
Suzi Hilton
Karen Hobbs
Mary Hudak
Carrie Hulburd
Andrea Katsenes-Pappas
Robyn Lee

Jan Lewis
Janis Lyon
Sandy Magruder
Bonnie Martin
Beth Matthews
Mary Ellen McKee
Tahnia McKeever
Jean Meenaghan
Angela Melczer
Karen Meyer
Diane Might
Kolby Moffatt
Elizabeth “Betsy” Moore
Carole Moreno
Katie Mueller
Kathy Munson
Dionne Najafi
Carolyn O’Malley
Marilyn Parke
Vim Phillips
Linda Rakow
Terry Roman
Judy Schubert
Susie Small
Jean Spangler
Sarah E. Suggs
Kristine Thompson
Amy Thurston
Sharon Ulrich
Nancy Walker
Mary Ward
Christine Watson
Susan Westra
Pat Petznick Wick
Gay Firestone Wray

Honorary Member
Sister Madonna Marie Bolton