Barrow Women’s Board

The Women's Board of the Barrow Neurological Foundation

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The Women’s Board of the Barrow Neurological Foundation raises funds for research conducted at the Barrow Neurological Institute.

Established in 1965, the Women’s Board has raised more than $75 million for Barrow through the annual Barrow Grand Ball. The 2020 Barrow Grand Ball was held on Saturday, January 18 at The Arizona Biltmore.

The Women’s Board also sponsors an Education Enrichment Event, which features presentations by Barrow physicians and scientists about the latest trends and discoveries in neuroscience.

The current Chairman of the Women’s Board is Sandy Hecomovich. Diane Might and Kolby Moffatt are serving as the 2020 Barrow Grand Ball Co-Chairs. The 2021 Barrow Grand Ball will be held on Saturday, January 23, 2021.

For more information on supporting the Women’s Board, please contact (480) 562-6444 or email

Women’s Board members:


Mrs. Michael R. Hecomovich

Mrs. Brian J. Hall

Recording Secretary
Mrs. Michael Mueller

Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Marion M. Magruder

Mrs. Daniel R. Fox

Immediate Past Chairman
Mrs. Ray R. Thurston

Yearbook Chairman
Mrs. John A. Gogolak

Finance Chairman
Mrs. James E. Meyer

Membership Chairman
Mrs. F. Francis Najafi

Nominating Chairman
Mrs. Leslie H. Small

Grand Ball Co-Chairman
Mrs. Thomas O. Might

Grand Ball Co-Chairman
Mrs. Kenneth R. Moffatt


Mrs. Kathleen O. Barrow
Mrs. Leon F. Bentley
Mrs. Christopher J. Cacheris
Mrs. Thomas M. Churchill
Mrs. Andrew Cohn
Mrs. Daniel Cracchiolo
Mrs. Michael A. DeBell
Mrs. Gregory P. Denk
Mrs. Bennett Dorrance
Mrs. Geoffrey H. Edmunds
Mrs. Karl Eller
Mrs. Ronald J. Eriksson
Mrs. Stephen O. Evans
Mrs. Philip L. Francis
Mrs. William D. H. Francis
Mrs. Jack A. Friedland
Mrs. LeRoy M. Gaintner
Mrs. Bert A. Getz
Mrs. George R. Getz
Mrs. Larry A. Gunning
Ms. Marilyn W. Harris
Mrs. DeBanks M. Henward III
Mrs. Gary J. Hewson
Mrs. Robert C. Hobbs, Sr.
Mrs. Thomas M. Hudak
Mrs. Jon Hulburd
Mrs. Carolyn Jelks-Wilson
Mrs. Thomas W. Lewis

Mrs. Dennis H. Lyon
Mrs. R. David Martin
Mrs. Robert L. Matthews
Mrs. Robert H. McKee
Mrs. Jeffrey D. McKeever
Mrs. James J. Meenaghan
Mrs. Joseph T. Melczer III
Mrs. Robert C. Moore
Mrs. Arte R. Moreno
Mrs. Charles Munson
Mrs. Mark E. O’Malley
Mrs. Robin E. Parke
Mrs. Earl A. Petznick, Sr.
Mrs. John P. Phillips
Mrs. Terry Rakow
Mrs. Richard Rector
Mrs. Stephen H. Roman
Mrs. William C. Schubert, Sr.
Mrs. Ross L. Shannon
Mrs. James P. Simmons
Mrs. Scott M. Spangler
Ms. Sarah E. Suggs
Mrs. Donald J. Ulrich, Jr.
Mrs. Jimmy Walker
Mrs. Robert L. Ward
Mrs. David J. Watson
Mrs. Gay Firestone Wray

Honorary Member
Sister Madonna Marie Bolton