Leave a Legacy: Stock & Appreciated Assets

Leave a Legacy: Stock & Appreciated Assets

Discover how to maximize your gift and create a legacy.

Donate to Barrow with a planned gift

Over the past five years, Barrow Neurological Foundation has received more than $8 million in stock gifts from generous donors. These gifts have contributed to the creation of renowned centers dedicated to providing world-class care, chairs that recognize exceptional physicians and scientists, innovative research that saves lives, and art that promotes healing.

If you have been making cash contributions to Barrow Neurological Foundation, you could receive additional tax benefits by gifting stock, bonds, equities, and other assets. If you transfer stock to Barrow Neurological Foundation, we will be able to sell the stock tax free, allowing you to avoid any capital gains tax you would otherwise have to pay. Plus, you can get a full-market value tax deduction on the gift. If you really like the stock, you can buy it back on the same day with the cash you planned to donate and reset the basis.

Stock Donation Instructions


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