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It used to be thought that concussion was only a concern for professional athletes, particularly football players. However, recent research shows concussions are also highly prevalent in high school and amateur sports. In Arizona alone, 7,000 to 12,000 high school athletes suffer one or more concussions every year.

Another under-served population that is even less commonly associated with brain injuries: domestic violence victims. About 1.3 million women are physically assaulted by an intimate partner every year. See what the program achieved in the last fiscal year by downloading the Impact Report below.

FY21 Concussion and Brain Injury Stewardship Report
FY21 Concussion and Brain Injury Stewardship Report
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0 of domestic violence victims were hit in the head more than once
0 were hit in the head and severely shaken
0 said they had been struck in the head too many times to count

Comprehensive care for all brain injury survivors

The Barrow Concussion and Brain Injury Center offers comprehensive, compassionate, cutting-edge treatment and rehabilitation for teens and adults with concussions, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Patients at the center have access to the top neurologists, scientists and research on brain injuries, in the nation’s most comprehensive concussion and brain injury program.

At Barrow, doctors aim to provide the same exemplary care prominent athletes receive to all those suffering from traumatic brain injuries. Research led our specialists to make the first three-way connection between domestic violence, homelessness and traumatic brain injuries. In April 2012, Barrow opened a first-in-the-nation specialty program to treat traumatic brain injuries in domestic violence survivors.

The Barrow team, in partnership with homeless shelters, has found many survivors suffer from a full spectrum of side effects that can lead to the loss of a job, income, and eventually their home. In 2018, nearly 400 women, most of them living in homeless shelters, have gone through the program.

The nation’s leading concussion’s outreach for youth

The center’s director, Javier Cárdenas, MD, is Arizona’s only neurologist to be appointed to the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee, where he advises the NFL on best practices for concussion prevention and management. Under his leadership Barrow  has brought many of the best practices used by athletes to establish several first-in-kind concussion programs, including:

  • Barrow Brainbook, the nation’s first mandated education and testing module for student athletes.
  • Barrow Concussion Network, a telemedicine network comprised of physicians and athletic trainers who provide concussion resources to Arizona’s high school athletes.
  • Barrow Brain Ball, the first video game that educates young children about concussion.
  • High School Baseline Concussion Testing, the largest program in the nation, which uses the same tools as the National Football League, National Hockey League and Major League Baseball.

Whether a professional athlete, youth sports participant or survivor of domestic violence, at Barrow, all patients have access to the nation’s leading concussion programs.

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