Franke Global Neuroscience Education Center

Franke Global Neuroscience Education Center

Help us improve access to neurological care in the developing world through world-class education and training.

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Neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain tumors, and traumatic brain injury have a devastating impact on individuals and society. This is especially true in developing countries, which have the highest prevalence of neurological diseases and the lowest number of neuroscience specialists.

Barrow Global was established in 2021 to help address the healthcare needs in developing countries by educating and training physicians and nurses at partnering sites.

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In 2022, Barrow Celebrated 44 Students in Summer Intern Programs

0 26 Undergraduate students
0 16 High school students
0 2 International students

Franke Global Neuroscience Education Center

Established in 2021, the Franke Global Neuroscience Education Center helps strengthen neuroscience education at Barrow Neurological Institute through international and national education outreach programs.

This global initiative was inspired by the legacy of Dr. Robert Spetzler, MD, and thanks to the generosity of the Franke family, Barrow has formed six global outreach and education programs. Thanks to the generosity of the Franke family, we are able to expand Barrow’s mission all over the world in countries that can benefit the most from our knowledge and innovation.

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Barrow Brings Medical Education to East Africa

Barrow selected Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) in Tanzania, East Africa, as its first global neurosurgical training site. KCMC is a super-specialized government referral hospital that serves a catchment area of 15 million people. However, it has never had trained neurosurgeons, and its limited neurosurgical cases have been handled only by general surgeons or visiting foreign neurosurgeons.

Through this first-of-its-kind partnership, Barrow will now have Tanzanian neurosurgeons applying U.S.-level neurosurgical skills in patient care, as well as training other regional and local neurosurgeons.

Franke Global Neuroscience Education Programs

Franke Global Neurosurgery Fellowship

Fellows will spend three months training at Barrow and then travel to KCMC for nine months. At KCMC, they will serve as a primary part of the neurosurgical help faculty develop a neurosurgical training program for local providers in Tanzania.

International Sonntag Spine Center Research Fellowship

This one-year research fellowship in the Sonntag Spine Center’s Spinal Biomechanics Laboratory is offered to international surgeons or surgeons in training.

Franke Global Neurosurgery Research Fellowship

This one-year research fellowship is offered to international surgeons or surgeons-in-training.

Franke Global Undergraduate Internship Program

Students work full-time in a research laboratory under the mentorship of a Barrow scientist, actively participating in groundbreaking neuroscience research.

International Visiting Scholars and Clinical Observership Program

International scholars who visit Barrow for short-term or extended stays greatly improve their understanding of what is possible in advanced clinical neurosurgery.

Providing International Students with Access to Barrow

The Franke Global Undergraduate Internship Program allows Barrow to introduce brilliant young minds to career opportunities in neuroscience and provide them access to world-renowned physicians, scientists, and surgeons.

The program is led by led by Rita Sattler, MSc, PhD, Professor of Translational Neuroscience. “The support from the Franke’s will connect us with more underserved students in the community and worldwide, allowing us to provide them with a unique and rewarding educational experience that they would not have otherwise had,” said Dr. Sattler.

Students have the opportunity work in departments across Barrow, including Neuroscience Research Laboratories, the Thurston Innovation Center, the Spine Biomechanics Laboratory, Neuro-Rehabilitation Center, Neuroscience Publications, Marketing, and Philanthropy.

Over the span of 10 to 12 weeks, students work in their respective departments, attend weekly seminars, learn about career options, and present their research at Barrow symposiums. Even after the programs end, our students say that the long-lasting mentorships, collaborations, and friendships they have formed with their Barrow mentors and peers will be invaluable to their future.

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By providing a rewarding educational experience not only in research and clinical care, but in all components of the healthcare system, Barrow successfully creates a legacy of learning on a global scale.

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