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Imagine living with severe migraines every day, experiencing pain so debilitating that it would cause slurred speech or mixing up of words. For many, this is what happens when they suffer a migraine.

There are multiple theories about how and why migraines occur, but no clear answers. As a result, migraine patients are diagnosed based on their history and clinical symptoms, but there is no clinical test to help obtain a definitive diagnosis for migraines. The doctors and scientists at the Jan & Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program at Barrow Neurological Institute want to change this, and already, patients’ lives have been transformed because of the care Barrow neurologists provide.

Transforming lives through early and accurate migraine diagnosis

Neurologists at the Jan & Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program want to identify biomarkers for migraines. This would make diagnosis easier and help physicians customize migraine treatments for specific patients. With additional funding, the migraine treatment program will focus on creating a more thorough understanding of the causes and course of headache disorders.

Expert headache doctors work daily to help improve quality of life for people with migraines. The goal is to establish a world-class clinical and basic research center for migraine and headache disorders that includes clinical programs, clinical trials, research and patient support.

The T.W. Lewis Foundation will match your gift, up to $500,000, towards life-changing migraine research and care at Barrow

From one patient to another

The Jan & Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program was made possible through the generosity of Jan and Tom Lewis and their continuing commitment to provide matching funds. Jan, a member of the Women’s Board of the Barrow Neurological Foundation and a migraine sufferer, established the program because of the outstanding care she receives from Barrow doctors and her desire to help others. The T.W. Lewis Foundation will match your gift, dollar for dollar, up to $500,000, because the Lewis family understands first-hand the life-changing treatment patients receive at Barrow.

Please make a gift today in support of all of those who are suffering from headache and migraine, and your donation will be matched.

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