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Imagine living with severe migraines every day, experiencing pain so debilitating that it would cause slurred speech or mixing up of words. For many, this is what happens when they suffer a migraine.

There are multiple theories about how and why migraines occur, but no clear answers. As a result, migraine patients are diagnosed based on their history and clinical symptoms, but there is no clinical test to help obtain a definitive diagnosis for migraines. The doctors and scientists at the Lewis Headache Center at Barrow Neurological Institute want to change this, and already, patients’ lives have been transformed because of the care Barrow neurologists provide.

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Studies and Patient Care

0 % 17% of the world’s population suffers from migraine
0 Million 39 million people in the United States experience migraine
0 rd Third most common disease in the world
Program provides hope for patients suffering from migraine and headache

Groundbreaking Trials to Develop New Treatment and Prevention Strategies for Headaches

Neurologists at the Lewis Headache Center want to identify biomarkers for migraines. This would make diagnosis easier and help physicians customize migraine treatments for specific patients. With additional funding, the migraine treatment program will focus on creating a more thorough understanding of the causes and course of headache disorders.

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Transforming the Lives and Journey of Migraine Patients

Expert headache doctors work daily to help improve quality of life for people with migraines. The goal is to establish a world-class clinical and basic research center for migraine and headache disorders that includes clinical programs, clinical trials, research and patient support.

See what we achieved in research and patient care last year by downloading the FY23 Lewis Headache Center Stewardship Report below.

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Understanding the Nature of Chronic and Episodic Migraine Pain

Barrow headache specialists conduct novel research aimed at finding better ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent headache disorders. The Center currently has three studies that are open and enrolling patients:

  • A study testing standard-of-care occipital nerve block injections versus a placebo for the preventive treatment of migraine.
  • A Phase 3 study of Botox for the prevention of migraine in patients with episodic migraine.
  • A Phase 3, multicenter study evaluating the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of Qulipta (atogepant) when added to Botox for the preventive treatment of chronic migraine.
The T.W. Lewis Foundation will match your gift, up to $500,000, towards life-changing migraine research and care at Barrow

Jan and Tom Lewis Transform Headache Care at Barrow

To honor the impact Barrow made on Jan’s life, and to help others suffering from the same condition, the T.W. Lewis Foundation, founded by Jan and her husband, Tom Lewis, established the Jan and Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program at Barrow with a transformational gift. Led by Dr. Knievel, the Program aimed to expand multidisciplinary care options for patients and lead research to pinpoint causes and find improved treatments for migraine and headache disorders.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Lewis Headache Center at Barrow to support innovative research and unsurpassed patient care for migraine and headache disorders. All gifts will be matched by the T.W. Lewis Foundation for double the impact.

Studies and Patient Care

Migraine Trials

Shane Root, MD, is leading a trial that tests occipital nerve block injections versus a placebo to examine the efficacy of nerve block injections for the preventive treatment of migraine.

Wellness Program

The comprehensive wellness program includes yoga, physical therapy, mindfulness, dietary consultations, psychology, and social work.

New Device Trial

Jennifer Robblee, MD, is leading a study that looks at patients’ response to the Relivion® external nerve stimulator. The Relivion® is a multi-channel electronic headband that targets the trigeminal and occipital nerves.

Education and Outreach

The Lewis Headache Center hosts an annual Patient Headache Symposium, during which patients learn about headache diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies and participate in a yoga class