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A horrific car crash nearly killed Alec Hoyt. He was just 22 years old in April 2018 when he lost control of his car and suffered a severe brain injury.

“My speech is not as precise and my balance is not as good as it was,” says Alec. “But I can compensate by taking my time.”

After the crash, Alec spent 14 days in the intensive care unit before he transferred to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. He then spent six weeks at Barrow Neurological Institute’s inpatient rehabilitation unit.  Alec doesn’t remember much in the months after the accident but his mom remembers.

“We were told that Alec may not survive and, at the very least, he would require full-time care,” says his mom, Lisa Hoyt, “Three months in physical therapy at Barrow put him on the road to a more independent life.”

Alec had to relearn how to do most everything and left Barrow 100 days later walking with the help of a cane. Alec returned three times a week for outpatient physical therapy. Then in November, he started a program at Barrow Center for Transitional Neuro-Rehabilitation.

The center offers treatment programs emphasizing independence and helping patients with the skills they may need to return to work or school.

“People at the center tell me ‘things take time,’” says Alec, “I am impatient but when I take my time, I perform better.”

Part of Alec’s preparation to work again involves a volunteer position at St. Joseph’s in patient transportation. The young man, who had to relearn to walk, now pushes patients in wheelchairs as they leave the hospital.

Volunteering helps Alec with time and task management. It is not always easy so he has learned to take detailed notes.

“I have a notebook with reminders so that I know where to go,” says Alec. “Notetaking helps me with my memory.”

Alec is thankful for his time at Barrow and the preparations for his new normal.

“I would not be where I am today without their help.”

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