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The future of Barrow: The Neuroplex

Programs that Save Lives

When Barrow opened its doors in 1962 with only 50 patient beds, it was revolutionary – being one of just three neurological institutes in the United States at that time. Today, Barrow has 222 hospital and rehab beds and more than 5,500 neurosurgeries are performed annually – the highest volume in the country. Additionally, last year Barrow scientists conducted more than 300 clinical trials and nearly 1,000 brain and spine research studies.

But Barrow clinics, research labs, rehabilitation gyms, operating rooms and offices are currently scattered across an eight block radius. The campus can be difficult to navigate, causing patients and their families confusion, added stress and precious time.

With an aging population and an increase in cases treated each year, our surgeons are in need of additional space to provide lifesaving care for patients diagnosed with aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, brain, spine and pituitary tumor, spine curvatures and more. And while the world’s top researchers naturally migrate to Barrow due to the institute’s innovative track record, lab space is at a premium, risking innovative outcomes that could affect patients’ lives.

Rising to the challenge

As a leading international destination for neurological care, the institute needs a dedicated building to enhance patient treatment, accelerate medical discovery and save more lives.

The Barrow Neuroplex is an integrated and centralized space that brings together clinical research, neurology and neurosurgery for enhanced patient care, increased research space and improved collaboration.

Barrow’s leading specialists accept the toughest cases to treat the untreatable. Now it is time to bring together our innovators to revolutionize medicine in a centralized hub.

Advancing patient care, driving discoveries, and revolutionizing neurology

The Barrow Neuroplex is the solution to several challenges. It will:

  • Provide a unified space for Barrow, improving patient convenience with easier access to laboratories and imaging facilities.
  • Enhance the patient and staff experience by providing both unified clinical care and clinical research trials in one well-designed, easy to navigate facility.
  • Increase the space for neurosurgical offices and treatment rooms, allowing Barrow’s world-class neurosurgeons to help more patients in need.
  • Deliver personalized medicine for patients through a clinical trials center.
  • Drive medical discovery by expanding basic science laboratories for increased research into brain and spine disorders.
  • Offer additional space and a “store front” for the Barrow Innovation Center, allowing doctors to expand personalized medicine, transform medical procedures, develop new surgical tools and bring cutting-edge projects to fruition quickly.
  • Provide a location for new centers of excellence, including the Barrow Aneurysm and AVM Research Center and the Barrow Artificial Intelligence Center.
  • Foster dynamic synergies among neurologists, neurosurgeons and clinical researchers by housing them in a larger, integrated building.
  • Transform the way modern neurosurgery is practiced by utilizing state-of-the-art virtual reality and augmented reality technology to combine MRI, CT and angiographic images to model a patient’s brain and pathology. In a virtual reality studio, the surgical team will prepare for an operation and anticipate strategy and complications, and then during the surgery itself the team will use a computer-guided system.
Barrow Neuroplex Naming Opportunties
Barrow Neuroplex Naming Opportunties
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