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Advancing research, patient care and education to save lives


Barrow Neurological Foundation’s mission is simple: to be the catalyst of our donors’ passion for transformation by providing the resources for Barrow Neurological Institute to achieve its mission of saving human lives through innovative treatment, groundbreaking, curative research and educating the next generation of the world’s leading neuro clinicians.

We provide philanthropic support of Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Barrow is an international leader in the treatment, research, and education of brain and spinal diseases, conditions, and injuries. Barrow has contributed to many breakthroughs in neuroscience and neurosurgery, including refining the cardiac standstill procedure, isolating the gene for the inherited form of cerebral cavernous malformations, and pioneering thoracoscopic spinal surgery. We are a leader in harnessing innovative technologies and procedures, such as minimally invasive spine surgery, microscopic techniques, and robotic spine surgery. Newsweek ranks Barrow as one of the best specialty hospitals in the world for neurosurgery. In addition, U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Barrow as a top center for neuro-rehabilitation in the country. We are certified by The Joint Commission in Comprehensive Stroke. Barrow boasts a Level I trauma center, CARF-accredited neuro-rehabilitation programs, and more certified neuroscience registered nurses (CNRN) than any other hospital in the world. Highly regarded for neuroscience education for decades, Barrow is ranked by Doximity as second in the nation for its neurosurgery residency program and 45th for neurology.

When you give to Barrow, 100 percent of your donations fund compassionate patient care, advances in research and education for the future leaders in the neurosciences. With your help, we can change the course of medicine for people battling the most challenging brain and spine disorders.

Accepting Challenges. Rejecting Norms. Pushing Boundaries.

This is the standard, year after year, that Barrow Neurological Institute has set in its commitment to be the world’s leading neuroscience center. By accepting patients who have been told there is no hope, rejecting the status quo of “how things are supposed to be” and pushing the boundaries of established protocols to create new and revolutionary treatments, Barrow is making the impossible possible. And it’s possible because of our donors.

A Tradition of Innovation

Barrow Neurological Institute was revolutionary from the beginning – one of just three neuroscience institutes in the country when it opened in 1962. Barrow Neurological Foundation was established two years prior to the institute opening, in 1960, in order to raise funds for research at Barrow.

Since its inception, the institute has been grounded in innovation, excellence, and education, led by visionaries Dr. John Green (1962-86), Dr. Robert Spetzler (1986-2017) and Dr. Michael Lawton (2017-present).

Countless medical breakthroughs at the institute have changed and saved patient lives – and many were made possible by philanthropy.

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And it’s just the beginning.

Barrow 3.0

Dr. Lawton is charting ways to further enhance the institute’s global reputation for innovation. The future of Barrow, which he refers to as Barrow 3.0, will push the boundaries of neuroscience even further and strive to solve the unsolvable with new techniques, new technologies, and in ways never thought possible.

Dr. Lawton sees Barrow not as a collection of neuro-centered programs, but as home to centers of excellence in treatment and research. Barrow 3.0 will make great use of artificial intelligence, which is poised to fundamentally transform medicine by truly delivering personalized care. And a new five-story building – the Barrow Neuroplex – serves as the heart of Barrow, centralizing and integrating clinical research, neurology and neurosurgery for enhanced patient care.

Under Dr. Lawton, Barrow will find new ways and new technologies to solve the unsolvable, with many initiatives already underway that have the potential to change the protocol for treating neurological conditions.

None of this is possible without philanthropic support, and we hope you will join us in the next iteration of Barrow, on our continued mission to save lives.