Barrow Saved Sally’s Life – Twice

Barrow Saved Sally's Life Twice

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On Valentine’s Day 2014, Sally began having double vision. Dizziness, imbalance and terrible headaches followed. After months of visits to many specialists, an MRI revealed a golf-ball-sized cyst in her brain.

She was referred to Dr. Andrew Little at Barrow Neurological Institute. He saved her life, not once, but twice!

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Before Sally’s brain surgery in May 2014, she asked Dr. Little if she should cancel an upcoming trip to China, and he said, “Do not cancel. You are going to China.”

Just five months later, Sally was climbing the Great Wall!

Barrow saved Sally’s life, not once but twice. When the cyst returned two years later, Dr. Little was able to pinpoint the cause – a benign tumor. Nobody wants to go through brain surgery twice, but Sally says, “I knew I was in the best hands.”

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