Reject Norms: Barrow Saves Patient who Suffered Three Strokes in Two Months

Reject Norms: Barrow Saves Patient who Suffered Three Strokes in Two Months

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When Floyd woke up on February 16, 2018, he fell to the floor, totally paralyzed on his right side.

His wife Sandy called 911. It was a stroke.

After receiving the clot-busting drug tPA, Floyd recovered. Three days after he returned home from rehabilitation, he suffered another stroke. Five weeks later, he woke up on a Sunday morning, paralyzed again on his right side.

He’d had three strokes in two months. Sandy knew he couldn’t survive a fourth.

No one could tell Floyd and Sandy what was causing his strokes. The neurologist at their community hospital said it was related to Floyd’s heart. The cardiologist said it was neurological. Floyd’s life was at stake.

That’s when they went to Barrow Neurological Institute, where the world’s leading experts in stroke gave them the answers we needed.

Dr. Roy Zhang, a neurologist in the Barrow Stroke Program, ordered advanced tests to discover exactly what was causing Floyd’s strokes. Thanks to Dr. Zhang and Barrow, Floyd had hope for the first time.  They identified a partial blockage in his neck. Dr. Zhang said Floyd would be at a greater risk to have surgery, so he adjusted Floyd’s medication, and the Barrow team has been monitoring him closely.

It’s been a year since Floyd’s last stroke, and Sandy says it’s been nice to be able to breathe again.

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