Leave a Legacy: Charitable Gift Annuity

Leave a Legacy: Charitable Gift Annuity

Discover how to maximize your gift and create a legacy.

Donate to Barrow with a planned gift

A gift that pays you for life…

Create an income for life and a legacy that supports research, patient care, and education at Barrow.

The concept of a gift annuity is simple. You donate assets to Barrow Neurological Foundation and we invest them. You will receive a fixed-income payment each year and continue to receive that payment for life. With the volatility of the stock market, this is a great way to support Barrow and receive a steady income. You can give a gift of cash or stock and potentially receive a partial income tax deduction. In 2022, Congress passed the SECURE ACT 2.0, which gives you the one-time opportunity to create a $50,000 Charitable Gift Annuity with IRA assets. You must be at least 70.5 years old.

Features and Benefits

  • Receive a stable income for life
  • Qualify for a partial charitable deduction
  • Support Barrow while also meeting your lifetime needs
  • Increase your income from a low-yield asset
  • Eliminate up-front capital gains tax on assets you have held for a long time and have appreciated in value
  • Helpful if you are concerned about outliving your money


  • Must be at least 70.5 years old
  • Preferred minimum of $50,000
  • Income payments can be partially taxable


Learn more about maximizing your gift!
Robyn Nebrich-Duda, Director of Planned Giving & Philanthropy
Robyn.Nebrich-Duda@DignityHealth.org | 602.406.1037

Hear from Norm and Carol Miller

They recently created a lasting legacy at Barrow with a planned gift.

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