Leave a Legacy: Will or Trust

Leave a Legacy: Will or Trust

Discover how to maximize your gift and create a legacy.

Donate to Barrow with a planned gift

What will be your legacy? When Charles Barrow decided to give his name and $500,000 to create Barrow Neurological Institute, he did it in honor of the outstanding care that his wife had received from the surgeons, doctors, nurses, and staff members after she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. He believed that Arizona could become a destination and hub for neuroscience.

More than 60 years later, his legacy continues on at Barrow Neurological Institute through the physicians and researchers who work tirelessly every day to find treatments for neurological diseases and disorders, train the next generation of neuroscience specialists, and provide compassionate care for patients. As you think about your estate planning, consider leaving a legacy gift to Barrow Neurological Foundation in your will or trust to make a meaningful impact for years to come.

You can gift an asset, provide a dollar amount, leave a percentage of your estate, or have Barrow Neurological Foundation be a contingent beneficiary of your estate.


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Hear from Mike and Sandy Hecomovich

They recently created a lasting legacy at Barrow with a planned gift.

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