Leave a Legacy: Gift of Art

Leave a Legacy: Gift of Art

Discover how to maximize your gift and create a legacy.

Donate to Barrow with a planned gift

Art can help healing. Barrow Neurological Institute is committed to every aspect of patients’ treatment and rehabilitation. We believe in the healing power of art through visual stimulation and its incredible potential to reduce patients’ length of stay, decrease the need for multiple visits, reduce reports of pain and anxiety, increase self-esteem, lower stress, reduce infection rates, and much more. With the leadership of the Barrow Neurological Foundation Art Council, individuals can now donate art and advance the mission of Barrow.

All gifts must be reviewed prior to acceptance and comply with Barrow Neurological Foundation’s gift acceptance policy.


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Robyn Nebrich-Duda, Director of Planned Giving & Philanthropy
Robyn.Nebrich-Duda@DignityHealth.org | 602.406.1037

Hear from Malcom & Jane Jozoff

They recently created a lasting legacy at Barrow with a gift of art.

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